Animas Valley Elementary is building a NEW PLAYGROUND!!

Our playground and athletic fields do not currently meet the needs of our students. We are fundraising, applying for grants and working with the school district to:

1) Replace the play structures

2)  Install safe and clean play surfaces

3) Level, re-seed and add new goals to the athletic fields.

4) Ensure the entire play area is FUN, handicap accessible, CPSC Compliant, & meets special needs of our students.

We are working with:

  • Playground design firms to get the most competitive bid.

  • A staff, parent and student advisory panel to design the play structures for maximum fun.

  • Durango 9-R officials and community Parks & Recreation officials, to find additional funding and to ensure we work within guidelines upfront saving time and money.

  • Go-Co to apply for any needed grants.

As of September 1, 2019, we have raised over $40,000!!!

Please consider donating!  We are a 501-C charity and are able to provide tax donation documentation. 



Animas Valley Elementary Booster Club